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Dentists in Østerbro and Vesterbro

Dentists in Østerbro and Vesterbro? Tandlægerne ved Søerne are located in central Copenhagen, and the clinic is easily accessible by bus, train, and metro. If you come by car you can park on Nyropsgade, just five minutes’ walk from the clinic. We treat clients from all over the city at the clinic, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment if you’re looking for a dentist in Vesterbro, Østerbro or elsewhere in Copenhagen.

Call us at 33 13 50 10 to book an appointment with our dentists in Østerbro and Vesterbro.

Skilled dentists, ready to help you

Our team of skilled, experienced dentists are ready to help you, whether you need regular dental maintenance or emergency treatment. We are attentive and will focus on your needs. Our dentists provide caring treatment in a comfortable environment and will give you advice on how best to care for your teeth. Book an appointment with our dentists in Vesterbro and Østerbro if you want professional dental treatment.

Dentist with extended opening hours

Our dentist near Østerbro and Vesterbro has the best opening hours in the city, making it easier for you to get to the dentist regardless of the hours you work. On weekdays we’re open from 8 AM to 8 PM. We’re also open on weekends from 10 AM to 3 PM, as well as on bank holidays. Whether you book an appointment on a weekday or a weekend, the price will be the same - we don’t do surcharges.

Emergency treatment - even if you have another dentist

If you need emergency treatment, you are welcome here - even if you normally go to another dentist in Vesterbro, Østerbro, or elsewhere in the city. After the treatment, we’ll send a copy of your journal and any x-rays to your regular dentist. Our prices are set at a competitive level so everyone can afford dental care. This also means that we most often reach agreement on good, long-lasting solutions, no matter what type of treatment you need.

Do you have dental anxiety?

We’re here for you! Please share this with our dentists so they can take it into account during your treatment. Our dentists in Østerbro and Vesterbro have treated many clients with dental anxiety over the years, so we’re used to it. Our dentists in Østerbro and Vesterbro will do their very best to make your dental visit a positive experience without discomfort. bruger cookies! For at give dig en bedre oplevelse gemmer vi informationer om dit besøg. OK
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