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Uncompromising quality - at low prices

We are able to offer you the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality, because we are a large and well-organised clinic. For over 20 years, we have refined our methods and teamwork, so we can offer our clients quality treatment at prices that suit everyone.

Modern treatment methods

We only use the very best suppliers and technicians. The majority of our crowns are metal-free and are manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM technology - bespoke orders are produced by some of the best technicians in the country.

Always fixed-price estimates

For major treatments, we will always prepare a thorough cost estimate which we will review with you. It’s our guarantee that you will get the treatment you want and need - at the right price.

Price examples

Composite fillings:
Small molar, 2 surfaces: 1.100 DKK.
Large molar, two surfaces: 1.200 DKK.
Small molar, 3 surfaces: 1.300 DKK.
Large molar, 3 surfaces: 1.661 DKK.
2 whitening trays incl. whitening gel: 2.600 DKK.
Metal ceramic crown: 5.000 DKK.
Porcelain crown: 4.900 - 5.900 DKK.
Incisor crown: 6.000-7.000 DKK.
Molar bridge, 3 parts: 14.800 DKK.
Implant: 9.100-10.700 DKK.
Implant crown: 8.100 DKK.
Implant + tooth: 17.100-18.700 DKK.
Surgical bone regeneration: 4.100-8.100 DKK.
Implant preliminary consultation, excl. x-ray: Free
Root canal treatment:
Root canal treatment, front tooth: 2.500-4.000 DKK.
Root canal treatment, small molar: 2.500-4.000 DKK.
Root canal treatment, large molar: 4.000-5.500 DKK.
The above prices are including x-rays and anesthesia.
Root pin: 400 DKK.
Plastic construction: 1.200 DKK.
Surgical removal of tooth: 302-2.834 DKK.
Hard tooth guard: 3.200 - 3.500 DKK.
Soft tooth guard: 1.500 DKK.
Cosmetic orthodontics:
1 jaw: 18.000 DKK.
2 jaws: 30.000 DKK.
The above prices are excluding preliminary consultation.
Anesthesia: 225 DKK.
Unitor: 11.000 DKK.
Re-cementing: 631 DKK.
Missed appointment without cancellation: 248 DKK. bruger cookies! For at give dig en bedre oplevelse gemmer vi informationer om dit besøg. OK
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