Highest quality standards

We offer the highest quality standards at moderate prices. This is possible because we are a large and well-organized clinic. We have been refining our methods and teamwork for more than 20 years. Therefore, we can offer our patients the highest quality standards at fair prices.

Newest methods and technology

It is important for us to keep up with developments in order to optimize the quality of our work. That is why we seek to implement the newest methods and technology such as the latest CAD / CAM technology for the production of dental crowns. We collaborate only with highquality dental labs, usually local ones . That can ensure fast and reliable delivery , and direct help with color adjustments and customization.

Price transparency

We want  transparency in  our treatment planning and in our pricing. Therefore we can always estimate a price before starting a treatment. For extensive treatment plans, we  prepare a detailled price estimate, which we review with together with you.


Single tooth implant including crown:
19.000 kr.
Teeth whitening (2 trays and gel):
Teeth alignment w. INVISALIGN:
25.000 - 55.000kr.
Panoramic X-ray:
750 kr.
Soft tooth guard:
2000 kr.
Surgical removal of tooth:
1.475 - 2.475 kr.

Composite fillings

Small molar, 2 surfaces:
1.125 kr.
Large molar, 2 surfaces:
1.225 kr.
Small molar, 3 surfaces:
1.325 kr.
Large molar, 3 surfaces:
1.675 kr.

Root canal treatments

Front tooth all inclusive:
5.100 kr.
Small molar all inclusive:
5.100 kr.
Large molar all inclusive:

Crown and bridge treatment

One tooth crown in zirconium or metal ceramics:
6500 kr.
3 joints bridge in zirconium or metal ceramics:
3 joints bridge front tooth in zirconium or metal ceramics:
21.500 kr.
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